Optimize Your Ecommerce Platform with User Generated Content (UGC)

Most people think that user-generated content or UGC is only meant for social media. The truth is; it can also take your online platform to the next level.

User-generated content offers a huge array of benefits that your online platform users are responsive to. It is important to have a good ecommerce software that you can use to allow your customers to generate content. For instance, Shopify offers many of these tools. So incorporating UGC into your business online can beef up engagements, sales conversions, brand loyalty, as well as enhance the recall value of your site. There are 4 major types of user-generated content: Reviews, videos, images and photos, and they significantly contribute to the success of your brand. Here are 4 ways you can supercharge your online platform with user-generated content:

Enhance your online store by building a vibrant community with UGC

Most e-commerce merchants will tell you that building a vibrant community around a particular product is a daunting task. However, the task can become significantly simpler and highly profitable when you utilize user generated content. You can achieve a formidable community by allowing customer engagement on your online platform. Customer engagement can come in a wide range of forms.

The most popular is the community Q&A, where customers are at liberty to ask questions pertaining to a specific product, and other customers get to answer them. This is where social proof comes in. Social proof stipulates that when a customer gets a review from another customer about a particular product, chances of buying that product are extremely high, as opposed to getting reviews from a salesperson or manufacturer. This kind of community can end up exploding sales in your e-commerce store.

Encourage your online store customers to leave reviews

Customer reviews are potent testimonials that can really power your site to a whole new level and, ultimately, broaden your bottom-line. Design strategic and accessible pages on your site for customer reviews. Most clients don’t bother to leave reviews, but you can encourage them to do so by offering discounts or other incentives. In fact, most successful brands offer 5 percent to 10 percent discount on the next purchase if a customer leaves a review. Even a simple act of saying ‘’thank you” to any customer who lives a review can cajole them to keep leaving reviews whenever they purchase a product.

UGC Images rock for your e-commerce store

It’s common to stumble across quality stock images of products on e-commerce stores. The owners pay top dollar to take, edit and upload such photos. While stock photos can enhance a product’s visibility, UGC images can elevate the authenticity and value of the same product, by far. UGC images on your online store’s page can make it dynamic and a lot more appealing to other customers. First, the UGC Image tells other customers that the user really enjoyed the product, and the power of the product was too much that they were motivated to share it. UGC Images can propel your site to unimaginable heights in record time.

Include social media prompts on your e-commerce website

The importance of social media cannot be underestimated when looking to supercharge your online platform. Statistically, there are approximately 3 billion Internet users today, and 2.1 billion of them have social media accounts. So it makes sense to include social media prompts to ramp up your e-online brand. Create UGC on your site by encouraging customers to create it and ensure to demonstrate that you value their content.

Dedicating a page or section on your web page for UGC can immensely increase the level of engagement, giving you a lot more UGC to use later in a fun and consistent way.


User generated content is a gold mine that most smart e-commerce merchants have used to enhance their site’s sales. UGC is more potent than conventional written content, even if the content is superb. One valuable thing about UGC is that it offers immense benefits at a very low cost, and it’s quite easy to implement on your online store.

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